by Payson, March 31st 2022 © 2022 Payson

作為 1 小時課程的一部分完成。



They are really bad in comparison with your gesture drawing. I think you should stop practicing emotional and creative stuff .Try to learn and keep excersising perspective to understand 3d forms properly.after that draw skull from different angles and simplify the structure of it with cubes( that positioned in right perspective). Then you could do more complicated stuff like portrait drawing, etc.

Be cautious!!! By stop practicing emotional stuff I just meant the practice as a task. But keep sketching and doodling freely in your sketch book at a time.

good luck...

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Payson, I'm Polyvios Animations here again, how are you doing this morning? Excellent job on your expressive forces and gestures of the faces and expressions, as well as your forms and lighter touch to your lines and shapes. Keep loosening up your lines, shapes, spaces, and relationships!

I love how much you know about the forms, but they don't seem right or feel right to me, and they look a bit too rigid to me as well. Would you kindly practice simple geometric forms from this Proko video below.


Take screenshots of those featured forms from that video above, loosen up your arms with 1 hour of 30 second doodle warm-ups for practice, strictly, to completely loosen up your lines, shapes and forms organically actually. As a result, your forms, spaces, and more will get to become the least rigid and the most spontaneous, lively, and motivated from within with lots of lucky accidents, and beware of some unlucky accidents, too! And by simple forms, I can't understate or overstate these things enough. Keep up the greater work.